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Exchange and Trade have been temporarily suspended.

We have taken the decision to suspend the exchange functions of this service, due to a number of users that are having issues using the service correctly. Below, you can find a list of your open orders for this market pair, you may cancel them if you wish.

So whats going on
No, we have not been hacked, lost funds or any other kind of security issue, this decision has been taken to allow us the time needed to correct underlying issues and create a better service.

In short, some users issues are creating a monopoly on support time, we do not have a big team, and handling just this handfull of users has resulted in no useful fix or development time.

Some issues are out of our hands, like Hotmail and Live email, we have contacted those providers and they are looking into the delivery issues. Our servers meet all of their requirements, yet they still fail to deliver the sent email to the affected user's inboxes, this is being investigated by them.  

This pause will allow us the time to move on with development to fix the problems that we are solving, for example, withdrawals work very well for almost all coins, but some coins are still a problem, a problem we need development time to solve. Our error logs entry contains more than 100 jobs to address in the coming weeks and days to smooth out the rough edges.

We know this is not good news, however, we feel its in the best interests of everyone to create a more user-friendly service that you can rely on. We will be working hard to correct the issues whilst the exchange service is suspended, we apologise and hope you understand the need for us to take this route.

We highly recommend you cancel open orders