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InsaneCoin (INSN) is a community lead project that is “insane about crypto” Team Insane Coin utilizes emerging cryptocurrency technologies to bring our community as a whole an insanely advanced cryptocurrency experience . Unlike many other projects out there we were not created or funded by a crowd sale, ICO or any other funding method that involved asking for your hard earned money or crypto. We understand that some (if not most cryptocurrency projects) probably never even arrive in any tangible form and we want to be different from those. InsaneCoin (INSN) exists due to the love of crypto and the hard work and dedication of its core team and community members. Everyone on Team Insane Coin is working towards a shared goal of wanting to make crypto a major part of everyday life for all people on planet Earth. 

You can trade InsaneCoin ($INSN) on Insane.Exchange by clicking the following links..

Bitcoin / InsaneCoin > $BTC / $INSN

InsaneCoin ($INSN) is a base market on Insane.Exchange and you can see the trading pairs by clicking Exchange > Markets > InsaneCoin Markets 

Facuet Info

  • Faucet Balance 1.00000000
  • Claim Period 24 Hours
  • Each Claim Pays 1.00000000
  • The Faucet Address isi54WHtp4VWeYtVFWWpdWQBfESu58DBDpBK
  • Air Drop Address iRW499hADRRAofj1QH1mtKGB7vZQoZfhbf
  • Air Dropping to 1357 Accounts

Air Drop Address can be used by anyone who wants to do an airdrop, simply deposit coins to the air drop address, and when they are confirmed, they will automatically be dropped to our users, allowing a fair fast and efficent zero fee air drop

Claimant Amount Claimed Claimed At Next Claim
Coin Amount Dropped


Status: Drop Complete


Status: Drop Complete


Status: Drop Complete


Status: Drop Complete