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Oasis Free coins for everyone!

OASIS is a community takeover MN/PoS peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on Pivx codebase with governance utilized to direct the future of the project based upon proposals submitted by holders of OASIS, voted upon by Masternode operators.

Facuet Info

  • Faucet Balance 0.00000000
  • Claim Period 24 Hours
  • Each Claim Pays 0.05000000
  • The Faucet Address isoW2EPpUdqRJjCZAtzU5zb8Xj2Njnrwx62o
  • Air Drop Address oKaxquZxiHUg6fDBZuoBrhzaLQrgR5mwZb
  • Faucet Is Empty
  • Air Dropping to 1359 Accounts

Air Drop Address can be used by anyone who wants to do an airdrop, simply deposit coins to the air drop address, and when they are confirmed, they will automatically be dropped to our users, allowing a fair fast and efficent zero fee air drop

Claimant Amount Claimed Claimed At Next Claim
Coin Amount Dropped