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PAC Coin (PAC) is a community driven successor to Bitcoin, incorporating various improvements such as a two-tier incentivized network, known as the Masternode network. The major aim of $PAC is to become the most efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency that is available globally. Our network features double send proof transactions and transaction history that is erasable in terms of receiving funds. $PAC works using the principle of decentralization with the community as the face of the coin.

Facuet Info

  • Faucet Balance 0.00000000
  • Claim Period 24 Hours
  • Each Claim Pays 0.00010000
  • The Faucet Address isPBs28LhnBKGWJFSip59Whok4uuyC8odVp5
  • Air Drop Address PSfV9pc1PrLDG4ZB1xnB9J8BacsD4FXQSu
  • Faucet Is Empty
  • Air Dropping to 1357 Accounts

Air Drop Address can be used by anyone who wants to do an airdrop, simply deposit coins to the air drop address, and when they are confirmed, they will automatically be dropped to our users, allowing a fair fast and efficent zero fee air drop

Claimant Amount Claimed Claimed At Next Claim
Coin Amount Dropped