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Change Log
Current Mainstream Version = [ Production]
Current Test Version

# May 10th to May 18th. Fixed : Market socket pages
Fixed : Edit Price Alerts
Improved : SignalR Framework
Added : TittieCoin
Added : Mentos
Added : Bitcoin
Added : Info
Added : Paid Voting
Fixed : Several Typos
Fixed : Discord Bots
Added : Additional Database Encryption
Added : Additional Stake Support
Enabled : Global Stake Support
Enabled : Infocoin Stake Pool

# May 7th Imported Exchange Librarys intiall framework and ground work. Tested as working awaiting user input # March 30th 2019

# Fixed: Masternode pool page: Our performance Fixed: ROI Display Errors # - Breaking Updates
Added: RPC Stack Selector
Added: Greater emphasis on RunTime Mode
Added: Stake round minamum size
Added: Masternode round minamum size
Improved: Address handler support
Improved: Deposit handler support
Improved: Masternode Handler Support
Improved: Masternode Secondary Processing Support
Improved: Stake Support
Added: Additional Exchange Data Sources
Improved: Graph data cache
Added: Nonstandard masternode processors
Added: Non standard stake processors
Added: Withdrawal Console Application
Added: Coldstorage coin offload
Removed: Local withdrawal Support
Fixed: Approve Withdrawal:
Fixed: Reject Withdrawal:
Fixed: Submit TX
Updated: API Calls
Improved: Discord Bots
Imrpvoed: RTM Console
Imrpoved: Web socket support

# - Email Fix for Spam

Modified: Datatables Mobile Support
Fix: CSS Dark Tables (Partial)
UI Modification: Unfied Cache
Cache: Reduced to 60 Mins
Master Node Processor : Reduced run time interval from 60 seconds to 300
Masternode Processor : Disable Concurrent Run Time
Masternode Processor : Detect processor affinity set threads = System - 2 (7 Thread Max - 1 Min)
Improved Support: Multi Threaded improvements, and Numa Node detections, when 8 cores over 1 or nore numa node LOAD is split accross all threads (faster execution in parallel)
Improved database locking. Read Only requestions will no long user locking to load data, if the data changes on load a reload is triggered
Improved database performance metrics: Processor Afinity improvements, better memory control, improved hi-performance cache
Improved Withness Mode DBs - Cluster deployment improvements
Added: Azure SQL Support
Added: Azure IIS Support

Modified: Stake API
Modified: Balance Handler - Auto create missing data
Modified: Address Handler - Auto creaate missing data
Modified: Share Handler - Auto create missing data
Added: Troll box filters
Updated: Bug 1 - Completed Filters enabled (Un disclosed fault)

Added: Payout History Page
Added: Payout historys by pool
Added: Non Standard Stake Handlers
Added: Non Standard Masterode Handlers
Improved: Non Watchmode Processing
Added: Additional Exchange APIS
Fix: Spam Email

Added: Stake API
Update: Recomended settings for IIS


FIX: API Responce Headers
FIX: Remove API Stack data
FIX: AJAX Javascript Support
# March 6th 2019 - Multi Commit
# - Produced Built

UI Improvements to fee pages, and additional displayed data on charting pages

HTML Cleanup for recent modifications, some js changes

Added: Search by TX to userDeposit page, allowing quick location of a given transaction without the need to click thru pages and tables

Updated user deposits view to load a coin list view view distance historys of 24 hours, 7 days and 1 month

Added: Feature Request: Admin View : User Deposits.
Customers wide scale abuse and testing (i did ask for it), generated over half a million deposit entrys, and revealed slow page loads for user deposits, loading a half million entrys it seems is not idea. Customer suggested new approach this is the implementation of that request, and should serv scaling well
The same fix's were applied to Stake Payouts and Masternode Payouts, and could in future be applied to masternode blocks and stake blocks, however testing so far has shown no performance problems as yet. If it aint broke dont fix it.
This commit is split into builds 1910 to 2015, each commit is label aboved

Added: Feature Request : Admin View : Balances By Coin

# 1.1.1901
Added: Feature Request : Admin View : Addresses By Coin

# 1.1.1888

# 1.1.1775
Disabled all information messages for RTM, to much data 2 fast older computers will crumble under the workloads

# 1.1.1755
FIX: OnLogin action calls (Generate missing balances and addresses)

# 1.1.1698
Added: Admin/AdminHelp pages
Added: Quick Start
Added: Stake Quick Start
Added: Masternode Quick Start
Added: Bi Direction support for charts

# 1.1.1453
BUG: Dark skin tables do not work at present, they are now disabled for a short period of time

# 1.1.1452
Stake support for masternode coins, including backend processing
Stake support for traditional coins, including backend processing
Added: Stake Admin Pages
Added: Stake Pool Pages
Added: Stake Handler

# March 5th 2019 - 1.1.1451
Improvement : Masternode Pool Setup
Improvement : Admin Mobile Support
Fix: Slow loading datasets for pool pages
Added: Support for Tables via SOCKETS, to speed up page loads on larger deployments with data streamed via sockets.
Restricted API to 1 call every 5 seconds to prevent abuse, this limmit is applied if more than 10 requests are made in a given 60 second period.

# March 4th 2019 -
FIX: Home page fixed data, data is now dynamic, Supported Wallets, Coins In Maintenance and Audit Status

# March 4th 2019 -
Security Update:
Hubsecurity has been enabled, hubs are no longer un-authenticated, the platform is now to dependant on them, its not worth the risk of non auth abuse. Hub: Connected user limmites decreased to 1024 from 8192, memory being a key factor in this decision on smaller deployments

# March 4th 2019 -
Nuget package updates, replaced swashbuckle with swagger for better performance on massive datasets.

FIX: StakePool & Stake payout table, change amounts from decimal? to double
# March 3rd 2019 -
FIX: Chat linking, allowing chat messages to be reported to RTM Console App
FIX: Payout bug, if payouts are running on update, the payout is fired twice
FIX: Password reset input - Email Input
FIX: PAssword Reset Page (Actuall Page) - Takes an Email Input
FIX: Password Hashing
FIX: Socket Flushing on disconnect