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Platform Status And Information
Engine Enabled Interval
Address Generator True 120
Deposit Engine True 60
Exchange Rate API Updater True 300
Global User Audit False 1800
Global Wallet Auditor False 1800
Masternode Block Processor True 300
Masternode Payout Processor True 86400
Orphan Processor Interval False 3600
Secondary Masternode Processor True 720
Withdrawal Engine True 600
Wallet Status
Wallet Maintenance Mode? Deposit Processors Withdrawal Processor Notes
AquariusCoin False True True
Bitcoin False True False
CryptoDezireCash False True True
Deviant False True True
Espers False True True
FeatherCoin False True True
FiberCoin False True True
GameCredits False True True
GinCoin False True True
ImageCoin False True True
InflationCoin False True True
InfoCoin False True True
InsaneCoin False True True
LanaCoin False True True
LiteCoin False True True
Mentos False True True
Midas False True True
MonaCoin False True True
MouseCoin False True True
MyriadCoin False True True
NIX True False False
NoteBlockchain False True True
OASIS True False False
OverpoweredX True False False
PACCoin False True True
PAWS False True True
PinkCoin False True True
PivX False True True
RatCoin False True True
ReddCoin False True True
RockNRain False True True
SmartCash False True True
SocialSend False True False
SpectreSecurityCoin False True True
SproutsClassic False True True
TittieCoin False True True
ZarCash True False False
Degraded Performance Mode 19/06/2019

Degraded Performance Mode

Our users are the best, we thank you all for your paitence and of course your feed back, and here is the reward, we have listened over the course of the day we will update the platfrom to do more things, do other things better and improve the system as a whole. Below we list all of the things you asked for and weve done
  • Chat Tipping - you will be able to perform tipping from the chat box. Nice and simple !tip username amount, tipping is instant, there are no fees and arrive with the end user instantly
  • Chat Drops - Okay so only one person asked but we agree its a cool feature, we will allow users to perform air drops from the chat box. !rain coiname amount, users on discord will be able to pass this command only if discord intergration is complete
  • Unified balance page - Returning page
  • Improved and tracking menus
  • All new sound packs and alerts, and there not some sounds we downloaded, we found someone crazy enough to read out a bunch of stuff we converted. Have you heard it on withdrawals yet?
  • More user control of applicaiton, we will allow you to turn features on or off, this includes exchange, faucets, stake pools etc, when turned of you will not find them on menus etc and will need to renable them
  • Stake opt out - we stake by default on supported coins, and you all get paid on balances, however you can opt out of stake if you opt out, your coins are removed from staking, and you will recieve no further payouts
  • New masternode shares pages - Master node shares has been due an update we finally got it done