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Insane.Exchange Q&A

The following Q&A page is designed to answer questions you might have about using Insane.Exchange. We ask that you check back often as the current questions and answers could be revised or deleted without notice. We will also be adding new questions and answers as the need arises. Please review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for additional information.

The Q & A is a work in progress and has not been completed yet.

General Questions

“Is the code for Insane.Exchange unique or are other exchanges using it?”

The code for Insane.Exchange was created by our exchange developer and you will not find any other exchange running the same program. The overall functionality and aesthetics of the exchange will increase over time. We will continue research and development with how the exchange functions and will make ongoing improvements as needed.

“How safe if the information that I enter on Insane.Exchange?”

Unlike most other exchanges, we actually own and house the servers that run Insane.Exchange. We take the physical and digital security of your information very seriously and have taken many steps to safeguard it. Please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details on the security of your information.

“You have quite a bit going on at Insane.Exchange, what services do you plan to offer in the future?”

  1. Several trading markets including several for sub-sat coins with good potential.

  2. Masternode share trading markets.

  3. POS staking pools.

  4. Faucets & airdrops

  5. Free to play games where you can win real cryptocurrency.

In addition to all these great services, we plan on using Insane.Exchange as a launching pad for all future InsaneCoin ventures.

“Is Insane.Exchange connected to InsaneCoin?”

Yes. The team behind the cryptocurrency InsaneCoin (INSN) is the same team behind the cryptocurrency exchange Insane.Exchange.

“How do coins get listed on Insane.Exchange?”

You will need to submit your coin for voting HERE. You can vote HERE one time for free daily or use your INSN balance from Insane.Exchange to add paid votes. In the interest of keeping the voting fair, the free votes carry more weight than the paid votes. Admin also reserves the right to alter time frames for voting and/or add a new coin at any time we choose. At the present time, we are not accepting payments to directly add new coins to the exchange.

We reserve the right to delist a coin at any time if it has any of the following:

  1. Has had little to no trading for a good amount of time.

  2. Has wallet issues that are too time consuming to fix.

  3. Has a development team that has abandoned the coin.

  4. Has had known attacks on its blockchain that were successful.

  5. Has a development team that is running a scam.

“How many confirmations do coins require before deposits are complete?”

Each coin will have different confirmation requirements based on several factors. You can check how many confirmations are required for each coin by clicking HERE.

“Do you have an auditing process to insure that balances match deposited coins?”

We take the security of coins very seriously and have the ability to fully audit our exchange balances anytime we need to do so.

Deposit & Withdrawal Questions

“Why are withdrawals manually processed?”

We are currently manually processing all cryptocurrency withdrawals while we test the security features (and possibly vulnerabilities) of Insane.Exchange. The withdrawals will be done automatically after we are confident the security features are all working as they should. We reserve the right to revert back to manual withdrawals in the future should the need arise.

“How long does it take to process manual withdrawals?”

It all depends on the time of day that they are initiated. We can generally process them in under 8 hours, but circumstances could arise that are beyond our control and they might take longer.

“Can I mine directly to any Insane.Exchange cryptocurrency address address?”

No. You should never directly mine to any cryptocurrency address on Insane.Exchange. We reserve the right to change any address that is being mined directly to without any notice. Also, regular abuse of this could result in account suspension or termination.

“How long does it take a deposit to confirm?”

The deposit confirmation times vary depending on the coin you are attempting to deposit and several blockchain variables for that coin. You can check how many deposit confirmation are required for each coin by clicking HERE.

“What happens if my deposit(s) never arrives?”

If you initiated a deposit to Insane.Exchange and the deposit has not been credited to the appropriate balance on your “My Balances” page, please submit a trouble ticket by clicking HERE. You will need to make the trouble ticket as complete as possible so that we can locate the reason why your deposit wasn’t credited.

Note: Deposits times to Insane.Exchange can be affected by external factors such as slow blockchains and transaction speeds. You can check the amount of confirmations required for your deposit to post by clicking HERE.

“Are my deposits and withdrawals dependent on how fast each coin’s networks move blocks?”

Yes. We have no control over how fast a coin’s blockchain moves blocks and confirms transactions. You should always check the transaction on your deposited coin’s block explorer before submitting a trouble ticket.

Requesting and receiving payments from Insane.Exchange members Questions

Shared Masternode Pool & Masternode Market Questions

“What is a shared masternode?”

Masternodes are generally set up by having a node on a VPS that communicates with a wallet. The wallet generally holds coin collateral and usually does not have to be open for the masternode to continue working. What we have done at Insane.Exchange is make the masternode setup process even simpler. You only need to purchase a “share” of the masternode through our presales or in our marketplace and get a percentage of the masternode payout based on what percentage of the masternode you own.


Insane (INSN) has a collateral requirement of 50,000 INSN.

The Masternode pool breaks the collateral requirement into 50 smaller pieces of 1000 INSN coins.

You will get 1/50th of the payout of each round based on how many shares that you posses.

“How do I buy masternode shares?”

You can buy presale masternode shares from our marketplace. The masternode you own represents a proportional “share” of the required masternode collateral.

“How do I sell master node shares?”

You can sell your shares of XXXX masternode in our masternode pools by going to the masternode trading page for the appropriate masternode and initiating a sale of the share(s). If someone wants to purchase your shares they can do so only with the coin the masternode was initiated in. You cannot purchase masternode shares with any coin (such as Bitcoin) other than the one the shares were issued for.

**NOTE: The terms “share” or “shares” being used to describe the pieces of masternodes are not meant to imply they are in anyway a security. In this instance, the terms are referencing the dictionary definition of a “share” of something. You simply own a “share” of the masternode. **

Share : a part or portion of a larger amount which is divided among a number of people, or to which a number of people contribute.

Market & Trading Questions

“How do I place market orders?”

“How are market orders filled?”

“How do I cancel market orders?”

Faucet & Airdrop Questions

“How do the faucets on Insane.Exchange work?”

Each faucet on Insane.Exchange has a deposit address that is credited directly to the faucet balance and an airdrop address. If the faucets have a balance on them you can make a claim.

“How often can I claim from each faucet?”

You can claim a faucet drip at different time intervals based on several factors that are different for each faucet. If a faucet has a zero balance, you will not be able to claim a drip.

“Where do the faucet drips end up after I make a claim?”

The faucet drips all end up on your “My Balances” page for the appropriate coin you just claimed.

“Can I trade or withdraw the faucet drip right after making a drip claim?”

Yes. The coins you claim from our faucets are yours to do with as you please. You can leave them in your account, trade them or immediately withdraw them.

“How does the airdrop for each coin work?”

The airdrop works as simple as sending coins to an address. If you look on the faucet page you will notice that each coin also has an airdrop address. Follow the below steps to initiate an airdrop.

  1. Decide how many coins you want to airdrop to the members of Insane.Exchange.

  2. Send the coins to the airdrop address.

  3. Look for visual confirmation that you have initiated an airdrop.

  4. Wait for the airdrop deposit to confirm.

  5. Watch for the visual confirmation that the airdrop has been completed.

  6. Marvel at what a giving person you.

“Can the airdrop service be utilized by anyone for free or is there a cost involved?”

Our airdrop service is 100% custom and 100% free. There is no cost involved to anyone who wants to initiate an airdrop.

“Is there a minimum amount of coins that have to be used for an airdrop?”

As of right now, there are no limitations on the number of coins that have to be used for an airdrop. You can literally initiate an airdrop with a single coin if you wish. However, we reserve the right to change this in the future should abuse of this free service occur.

“What percentage of an airdrop does each member get?”

All members get an equal percentage of the number of coins used for each airdrop.

Example:  If you airdrop 1000 coins to 1000 members, each member will get 1 coin as their equal share of the entire airdrop.

“Are airdrops done automatically or are they done manually?”

All airdrops initiate automatically once the airdrop address receives a deposit. Once initiated, they cannot be undone.