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Vital Statistics
  • Pool: RockNRain Stake
  • Total Stake101,777,659.11736700
  • My Stake: 0
  • Round Number: 3
  • Coins In Round: 0
  • Blocks In Round Round: 0
  • All Time Stake : 1909380
  • All TIme Blocks: 6
  • Estimated Payout Per Coin 0.00000000;
  • My Estimated Payout 0.00000000;
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  • RockNRain (RNRC) offers a unique chance for many communities to not only get one kind of crypto, but many in the same time and place. Through our many partner connections we are able to bring the best experience to the discord community we share and love, while providing a service to the coin developers that they need so much
Pool Blocks
TransactionId Amount Confirms Is Complete
020983e885b68b531201137785fd8ad21cf4e89990aafc0b5a57f64e1ae86c80 93,754.00000000 551 True
733095940fe42ba0ad35eb854d7e5dcd4432e06eabcb61f79af23fe152169a04 80,338.00000000 575 True
9bab550798fe11fada447f55c42d056dc98d25cfe0d62d84ddaeb86f07de77fb 373,086.00000000 4704 True
a1b23cbb6dd2404347ec0a0b05f0e151e8a648113ade873cbe9f24c5b7af146c 280,026.00000000 935 True
c6c39a6179ec7346d3ba74f2d4377427c34de1e5cc1f42a44b8793b8a5db55eb 42,272.00000000 741 True
fdaf87db898832716a052b0b3da4018db97c50c2b56da681adc8878c322e6e27 1,039,904.00000000 835 True
Orphans on our stake pool are not a regular occurance, we can reach anywhere on earth faster than anyone else, thanks to a global network. However when they do happen they will be displayed here